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  • 마약을 하지 않았다박유천은2020-03-27 05:00:45
    Park Yu-chun has not retired. An expert said, "Park Yuchun didn't do drugs.The drug offender is Hwang Hana, not Park Yuchun.The original drug test comes within three weeks.It is the same all over the world.The result, which comes out in just a few days at a super-speed like Park, is not drugs, sleeping pills. From the beginning, the police concluded that Park was a drug offender.I suspect that the police are showing him sleeping pills, not drug-positive'' . Park has actually taken depression, sleeping pills, and usually asthma drugs while being treated for depression. . An incumbent police officer said "If someone is on drugs, the police must investigate who secretly fed them." However, the police branded Park Yuchun a drug offender from the beginning and played the media fiercely. . Park Yuchun himself is also said to have expressed 'false self-esteem'. There was a small interview with relatives who said he was so upset that he planned to hold a press conference again(after a few days of detention). . Also, His facial expression and behavior in the picture are not the expressions of those who have been caught drug-raising or falsely reported. . Park Yuchun's face is a person who wants to prove his innocence until the end. "Park Yuchun's 100 proof of false confession" is also circulating on Twitter.
  • 마약을 하지 않았다박유천은2020-03-27 05:00:04
    전문가 ''박유천은 마약을 하지 않았다.원래 일주일 내로 나오는건 수면제 약물 검사, 3주 내로 나오는건 마약 검사다.이것은 전세계 다 똑같다.박유천은 일주일도 안돼서 결과 나왔기 때문에 마약이 아니라 수면제 약물 양성이다'' 박씨는 오랬동안 천식 약을 복용해왔고 수면제,우울증약도 복용해왔기에 그는 당연히 수면제,우울증,천식 약물 양성이 나올 수 밖에없다.박유천 본인도 허위자백했다고하고 원래는 다시 기자회견 계획까지 있었다(작게 기사 하나 실림)황하나에게 마약으로 당했다는 피해자들 많다는 제보도 쏟아졌다. ■황하나에게 마약으로 피해입은 피해자들이 "당했다"고했다■공개사과 요구까지했다■황씨가 얌전히 마약만 먹는 사람이 아니라고했다■박씨도 많은 피해자 중 한명일뿐이고 박씨 입으로 허위자백했다고 다시 기자회견까지 계획했었다(기사 실림) ■황씨가 심한 비난을 받아야하는데 박씨가 황씨 죄 대신 뒤집어 쓰고 대신 비난까지 받음 ■박유천이 거짓말했다면 황하나에게 피해입었다는 많은 피해자들도 다 거짓말이란 소리 아니냐 황씨 지인 제보자들이 황하나 쳐죽여야한다했는데 뒤집어 쓴 박유천이 그만큼 비난받고 황하나는 그냥 얌전히 박유천과 마약만 한 사람이 됐으니 이런 코미디가 어딨냐? 황하나 10년 지인 ''황하나는 없는 이야기 지어낸다'' 니들이 황하나 거짓말장이라고 헤드라인 기사 쏟아내고 널뛰는 물귀신이라 욕해놓고 거짓말중독자가 박유천에 뒤집어 씌운 이후부터 황하나가 받을 비난이 박유천에게 전이됐지 어떤 기자분도 ''박유천은 착하고 선을 넘지 않은 사람이다''라고 여러군데서 들었다고 말했다 무고사건때도 미담만 쏟아졌다 원래 사건나면 나쁜 일화는 당연히 튀어나오는데 말이다 김현중도 나쁜글 올라온적없었다 이게 무고란 증거다 반면 황하나는 ''쳐죽여야한다 거짓말장이, 없는 이야기 지어낸다.사기꾼, 전자발찌 차고 미국추방,사귀던 남친들 줄줄이 마약 사범 만들고 줄줄이 나체사진 협박.살인빼고 범죄란 범죄는 다 연루됐다,미성년자 성매매 알선,스치기만 해도 사망,명훼 고소를 많이 당했다,물과 음료수에 약을 타 먹였다,만행 다 터트릴테니 신변보호 해달라''는등 세상 나쁜짓 제보는 다 쏟아졌다.방송국에도 제보했는데 방송이 안됐다고한다. 그알에선 박유천이 허위자백해버려서 그런지 제보자 인터뷰들 통편집됐단다. 지인 제보자들이 일제히 쳐죽여야한다 말하는데 왜 황하나가 받을 비난을 평판 좋은 박유천에게 뒤집어 씌움? 기억상실증 환자들이냐? 끝없는 거짓말? 여태 끝없는 거짓말은 황하나가했다 감형 받으려고 강제로 먹었다 희대의 사기극 펼친 황하나 말을 믿냐? 절대 지는 처벌 안받으려고 개발광 몸부림치며 뒤집어 씌우는게 일상인 년 말을 믿어? 일본서 피까지 뽑는단 소문까지있던 인간이다. 11년 마약중독자니 뒤집어 씌우는게 단련됐지 한서희 정다은은 그게 아니니 황하나 보다 높은 형을 받았잖아 ■11년 뽕쟁이 황씨의 복수극.제보자들 "황씨는 박씨와 헤어진 후 복수극을 준비해왔다.황씨"헤어진후 박씨와 마약했다"한서* 집유3년>모의원 아들 집유3년>씨* 집유2년(징역1년 6개월)>황하나 집유2년(징역1년)■
  • 2020-02-14 04:37:30
    ????김현중 무혐의 아니던가
  • 2020-02-05 20:58:28
    이 기자 무슨 ㄱ소리임 방송법은 음주운전 도박 마약인데 법개정이나 잘 읽고 기사 쓰시죠
  • 박진석2020-02-05 16:23:46
    박유천 안타깝네. 그래도 사랑한다
  • Ann 60022020-02-04 18:52:33
    If Korea adopts these amendments to the law, it will be the biggest shame for your country. You will show the world that Korea, where human rights are violated in the most brutal way. Idols not disgrace to the country. These guys have been working hard since childhood, glorifying Korea. Unscrupulous politicians and corrupt media is shame . And those and others have no moral principles. Any political scandal is covered by an artificial scandal in show business. The country is ruled by chaebol money. They have the law, the dominion, and the press on their side. You can destroy the idols that you have chosen as a victim. But you can't shut your mouth to people all over the world. We are watching what kind of lawlessness you are trying to legitimize in order to justify all the dirty deeds that are going on in your country: by distracting the attention of the Korean people from the problems in the country, you are inciting hatred towards those who doesn't have a lot of money and political protection. Now, by adopting these inhumane amendments to the law, you want to legalize the legal lawlessness that you are creating yourself. Think again. Stop. Don't disgrace yourself. The world community is watching you.
  • Asya Levina2020-02-02 19:52:25
    Shame on the author! corrupt press. Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoocnun victims of slander.
  • Yulia2020-02-02 02:05:54
    Kim Hyun Joong was my first idol. I'm glad that he is doing well. Now I'm a fan of Park Yoocnun. Most of all I hate injustice. Yoochun is a talented performer, poet, musician and composer. With his strength of mind and patience, he motivates me not to give up. This is exactly what an idol should be.
  • Ola-Ia2020-02-02 00:47:59
    You urge the public to poison an innocent person! Like during the "witch hunt" in the Middle Ages in Europe, only now is the 21st century already! Shame on you!
  • Ola-Ia2020-02-02 00:42:38
    Stop writing nasty things about Kim Hyun Joong! He is the injured party in the dispute 5 years ago! How long to! Do you have any conscience? He is a citizen of your country and has all the rights and freedoms as a citizen, he has millions of fans around the world!
  • Yulia2020-02-01 19:47:29
    Yoochun - don't give up! You are strong and talented, your loyal fans and your wonderful family will always support you. Korea is not the only place on the planet. In the world there are many countries in which they can appreciate real talent. I'm glad that I became your fan, I love you
  • Yulia2020-02-01 19:42:20
    therefore, Korea leads the list of suicides. You Koreans themselves are breaking the lives of their children. The media writes heresy in the pursuit of the rating, and netizens insult out of envy of fame and fortune. This popularity of idols in Korea is the result of hard work, lack of sleep, tears, sweat, blood and the persecution of sasenas.
  • Yulia2020-02-01 19:23:21
    after the blatant injustice and cruelty with which Yoochun was punished, I was disappointed in Korea. Police in Korea know how to get confession from an innocent person through torture and threats, just like in historical dramas
  • Yulia2020-02-01 19:18:21
    Yoochun and Kim Hyun Joong both suffered from lying and revengeful girls. One unscrupulous liar who gets pregnant 6 times a year, the other - a rich and influential drug addict with police connections, put an innocent man.
  • Yulia2020-02-01 19:12:20
    k-pop will disappear. Who cares about Korea without k-pop? Idols in Korea have no rights and protections. Any scammer using false media for the sake of money can ruin the life of any idol
  • Yulia2020-02-01 18:46:37
    Koreans have an overly consumeristic attitude towards idols. They have no right to marry, you can’t date a girl. But even so, there is no guarantee that the idol will not fall into scandal.
  • Yulia2020-02-01 18:46:23
    The whole problem is that if such a useless law is created in k-pop it will disappear completely, because thanks to the lying media and blackmailers, you can blame any idol for anything. Celebrity scandals in Korea are often without evidence.
  • Yulia2020-02-01 18:45:36
    Perhaps this ridiculous law would have at least some sense if it applied not only to disenfranchised idols, but also to officials and corrupt policemen. In Korea, they still can’t understand that it’s not their stars that disgrace their country, but they themselves, allowing the lying media and envious netizens to break the careers and even lives of talented children.
  • Мария2020-02-01 14:32:51
    For such a deceitful and vile article you need to be brought to justice. Everything written about Kim Hyun Joong is just disgusting. He has long been acquitted. And the innocence of Kim Hyun Joong has been proven by the court. His former girlfriend is a cheater and a liar. She was convicted of libel, fake evidence, etc. She never had a miscarriage. Kim Hyun Joong has not been charged or convicted. Purely before the law. And in the scandal about which you write, only the media are to blame. Why were there so many disgusting articles with accusations, and when they proved that Kim Hyun Joong was a victim of fraud, there were no articles? How dare you publish unverified information? Why are you paid for lying?
  • Алдын-кыс Ондар2020-02-01 11:08:11
    One thing that I just gotta ask Do you think you live yourself in happiness? Yeah Yourself that's hidden from the screen yeah Hello hello I'd never care a thing for you I gotta get laundry done Why don't you go on live like that Hate me So what? Don't look at me What did you say? You're dead meat
  • Алдын-кыс Ондар2020-02-01 11:01:56
    Why did you whrite this lie? Hyun Joong is not a criminal. he was a victim of slander, he is absolutely innocent. he has a lot of fans who love him. Do you want to ban support for the one you love? it's pointless. Henecia will never leave Hyun Joong. we will always support him, today and forever.
  • Катя М2020-02-01 06:40:56
    Journalist shit and article a lie! Jackal journalist!
  • Катя М2020-02-01 06:37:01
    Ким Тэ Вон запомни продажные журналисты плохо заканчивают. Так хочется плюнуть тебе в твои бестыжие глаза. Ты гиена для общества. Ты гавно ванючее закрой свой рот лживый. Ты скунс залезь в нору и не воняй,
  • Катя М2020-02-01 05:54:36
    Why should you decide what to listen to or what to watch for me? Get your dirty hands off my beloved actor and singer! Kim Hyun Joong, SUPER!
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  • Lostillusion Lostillusion2020-02-01 04:30:36
    author, I am writing to you. Can't you see that you're writing nonsense? Or does Korea exist in the 21st century, still with one foot in Joseon? Do you have a democratic Republic or feudalism? How can it be that for someone there is a Constitution, a law, a court? And for others-the media, gossip, lynching and punishment without trial? Why don't celebrities have rights?. Why don't they have protection from slander? The amendments you write about violate basic human rights in any modern state. Kim Hyun-Joon was not charged or convicted. Clean before the law. So why are you giving it to the mafia? Despite the fact that it is proven that he is a victim of fraud. You know very well that it was the media that inflated this scandal. That you, the journalists, are responsible for his tragedy. Did someone apologize? Someone was responsible for this damage. How is it possible for the media to publish lies, unverified facts and pass them off as the truth? Why do you allow yourself to call a criminal a person who is not?
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  • KimLana2020-02-01 03:31:32
    Why is there no verification of the authenticity of what is written?By misrepresenting information, you are violating human rights and harming popularity.You are writing a lie instead of the truth in this article, so you should be held accountable.Kim Hyun Joon is not guilty.
  • KimLana2020-02-01 03:26:30
    Kim Hyun-Joon was acquitted in 2016, and the woman was sentenced to criminal charges for fraud.Why do you write and distribute false information, distort the facts is not it punishable.Thus showing you don't agree with Postanovlenie of the court,who fully admitted no guilt.
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  • Larisa Truchan2020-02-01 02:31:10
    Why do journalists before transmitting information to the public do not check it for reliability ???? This is a violation of human rights, Kim Hyun Joong is not guilty !!!
  • Ольга Яковлева2020-02-01 02:17:53
    Kim Hyun Joong is not a lawbreaker! The court identified him as a victim of a scammer who was trying to ruin his career. And to include it in the list of artists forbidden to cover the activities is a violation of human and civil rights!
  • Tina Lee2020-02-01 01:58:04
    김현중과 그의 팬들은 매년 한국에서 큰 기부를합니다. 왜 언론인들은 이것에 대해 침묵합니다. 왜 진실에 대해 침묵합니까? 김현중은 결백합니다. 이것은 법정에서 입증되었습니다. 거짓 기사 때문에 언론인들은 사기꾼들이 법을 어기도록 장려합니다.
  • Sunny Bunny2020-02-01 01:38:55
    Why do you only remember the bad things and not write down how many good things they did, such as charity? Kim Hyun-Joon does this all the time. Moreover, he is innocent and acquitted in court. You write a LIE, and lying is a crime.
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  • Вера Тонова (zaviSSimaya)2020-01-31 23:57:43
    2 - there is huge competition in the Korean entertainment industry. with dirty hands, the media remove competitors. The media will never be punished. power is with the media, not with the law.
  • Вера Тонова (zaviSSimaya)2020-01-31 23:57:30
    1 - The media create a scandal based on rumors and facts not proven by law. Media destroy the artist’s reputation on the basis of a false slander. The media are silent when the court passes a verdict - is not guilty and punishes the slanderer. The media are manipulators of "public" opinion.
  • Вера Тонова (zaviSSimaya)2020-01-31 23:45:59
    clarification for the author of the article “dislike” is put not to the artists mentioned in the article, but to the author of the article
  • Елизавета Хорошева2020-01-31 23:11:56
    Kim Hyun Joong is innocent ... and it has been proven in court ... and the court upheld it ... or are you contesting the decision? ... and if not, what is written in this article is a big lie ... and, in addition, those who convey the lie instead of the truth in this article should be held accountable ...
  • MARIELENA KHJ-RM2020-01-31 22:59:17
    I will only say that Kim Hyun Joong will always have my support, every activity I do I will support him, I am a woman, I have a profession and I earn my own money, I am free to continue supporting my artist, we are many people supporting him; peace and love from Mexico
  • Tina Lee2020-01-31 21:50:40
    김현중은 결백합니다. 이것은 법정에서 입증되었습니다. 전 세계가 그것에 대해 알고 있습니다. 왜 무고한 사람을 계속 조롱합니까? 김현중이 죽기를 원하십니까? 허위 정보의 기소 및 유포는 범죄입니다. 그렇다면 왜 기자는 법을 준수하지 않습니까? 낙태 또는 유산 후 여성은 회복 할 시간이 필요합니다. 언론인이이를 알지 못하면 언론인이 될 수 없습니다. 관객이 무고한 사람을 비난한다면, 언론인은 허위 정보를 유포 한 법률에 따라 처벌을 받아야합니다. 김현중에 대해 쓴 이유는 무엇입니까? 개인적인가요 아니면 ....
  • a응큼늑대2020-01-31 21:24:21
    사람은 고쳐쓸수없다는 말에 공감 못하지만 저들 보면 그런가 싶네
  • woorwoori2020-01-31 21:01:35
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  • woorwoori2020-01-31 20:42:24
    개소리 하지말고 워이 understand? (Bark matic) 이 노래를 들으세요 ㅎㅎ
  • rhj07072020-01-31 19:34:24
    와 다시 읽을수록 기사 아주 주옥(?)같네? 3년간의 법정공방에서 폭행에 의한 유산이 여자가 진단서까지 조작한 개구라인 게 밝혀져서 여자가 형사처벌받았는데, 3년이나 법정 공방 이어질 동안 김현중이 무고하게 언론에서 받은 피해만도 모자라서, 김현중이 피해자였다는 결과는 쏙 빼고 마치 가해자인 양 기사 쓴 뽄새 봐라. 유투브 채널을 연예인 개인 채널로 변경 웅앵웅도 웃기는 게 원래 연예인 개인 채널인데 뭘 변경이야? 아주 끼워맞추려고 별.. 제발 피해자한테 2차 가해 하지 마라
  • rhj07072020-01-31 19:26:18
    여기 김현중이 왜 들어감? 법정에서도 김현중이 피해자인 게 밝혀진 지가 언젠데요? 기자 이름 달고 마음대로 엮네. 사실 관계도 왜곡한 악의적인 기사 내리시죠?
  • Hel Pav2020-01-31 18:35:20
    Kim Hyun Joong is found not guilty !!!! Stop slandering the name of an honest man! You must be responsible in court for your insinuations !!!
  • 제다희2020-01-31 18:22:14
    명예훼손감인 기사 내리시죠 김현중은 오히려 피해자고 가해자 형량이 죄질에 비해 너무 낮아서 항소한 상태입니다
  • 아틱2020-01-31 16:33:44
    이 멍청한 기사는 뭥미? 김현중 무혐의 처리된게 2016년이고 여자가 증거및 문자조작에 의한 사기미수로 형사처벌 받은게 2018년임. 폭행유산이 모두 거짓이라 민사에서 여자가 패소했고 폭행으로 벌금까지 물게했던 갈비뼈진단서도 허위진단서로 밝혀졌고! 사기 피해자가 언제까지 허위 기사에 2차 피해를 당해야합니까?